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505 Marvelous Vitality Bag (For Adult)

505 Marvelous product series are the health-preserving products developed by Shaanxi Xianyang Anti-aging Research Institute by exploring the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, summing up the longevity principles of people with the age of more than 100 years over the past 500 years, referring to the medical record of well-known doctors,  traditional popular prescriptions, imperial secret prescriptions, and other health-preserving prescriptions after strenuous R&D for more than a decade.

【Product Name】 505 Marvelous Vitality Bag (For Adult)
【Chinese Pinyin】505 Shen Gong Yuan Qi Dai
【Property】It comprises a oblong health-preserving bag with circular medicinal core and the content comprising grayish green flocculent woolen balls and powder with refreshing fragrant smell
【Main Ingredients】It comprises 59 traditional Chinese herbs including ginseng, aweto, cartialgenous, astragalus mongholicus, capillary Artemisia, fingered citron, and mugwort leaf, etc.  
【Function and Applicable Scope】Benefit spleen, invigorate kidney, regulate energy and the circulation of blood, dredge the collaterals, and balance Yin and Yang. It is applicable for the treatment of epigastric pain, chronic gastritis, abdominal distension, and diarrhea, etc.
【Instruction and Dosage】Clean the skin around the umbilical region, then apply this product to the region (acupoint Shenque) in close touch with skin. It can be worn both day and night.   
【Specification】 15g medicine powder contained in each medicinal core
【Storage】Sealed and kept in cool and dry place
1. Keep the bag clean; take out the medicinal core when dissemble and wash the external bag; 
2. If it is not in use for a period of time, dry it up, put it in a plastic bag, and seal the plastic bag for storage;
3. Pregnant women or people with allergic constitution shall take sufficient care or follow the doctor’s advice in using this product.
【Shelf Life】3 years
【Approval No.】ShaanJianYongZhengZi No. 04010088
【Batch No.】See the package closure
【Producer】China Xianyang Health Care Products Factory 
【Address】 P.O BOX 505, 19, North Leyu Road, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province 
Followed are the internal materials for your reference only:
【Pharmacological Effects】
1. Anti-aging effect: it can increase the SOD content in the red blood cell of mouse; it can prolong the average life span of drosophila; it can enhance the learning capability, memorizing level, and postpone the brain aging of animal; it can reduce the lipid peroxidatio content in the blood plasma of animal; it can control the excessive weight increase of animal;
2. Promote the immunity of organism: It can increase the percentage of lymphocyte transformation; it can remarkably increase the IgG and IgM content in immune globulin; it can promote the macrophage phagocytic ratio and index; it can remarkably improve the activity of Cytokine II; it can promote the thymus index and liver index of laboratory animal;
3. It can increase the weight of testis and epididymis, enhance the quantity of sperm, and improve the activity of sperm;
4. It can promote gastric emptying, inhibit the small intestinal motility, and realize two-way regulating effect of gastrointestinal function;
5. It has the effect of easing pains, resisting inflammatory, protecting the liver, nourishing the gallbladder, and promoting the urination; 
6. It can resist fatigue and hypoxia;
7. It can lower down blood viscosity, enhance the deformation capacity of red blood cell, inhibit the formation of thrombus, and improve the hemorheology.

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