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505 Health-Preserving Sachet
【Main Ingredients】 It comprises 22 traditional Chinese herbs including artemisia leaf, calamus,
rhizoma atractylodis, ageratum, herba eupatorii, angelica dahurica, realgar, and borneol   
【Function and Applicable Scope】Dispel filth with scent, detoxicate, resolve turbidity, expel the evil, and realize epidemic prevention. It can realize excellent preventive and health-preserving effect on flu, varicella, measles, mumps, and chronic respiratory disease.
【Instruction】Unpack it and wear it at the chest 
No. 1 heart-shaped sachet: 8×6.5cm, 8g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 2 heart-shaped sachet: 5×6.5cm, 5g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 3 heart-shaped sachet: 4×4.5cm, 3g medicinal powder for each sachet
No. 5 oval sachet: 4×3.5cm, 1.5g medicinal powder for each sachet
【Storage】Sealed and kept in cool and dry place
Pregnant women or people with allergic constitution shall take sufficient care or follow the doctor’s advice in using this product.
【Shelf Life】2 years (to be finalized)
【Approval No.】ShaanShiYaoJianJianYongZi No. 04010093   
Make time:〖2009-12-2〗    Visit:〖7300
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